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Thoughts from a New Member

Review by:  Colin G.

Following my retirement 2 years ago I thought long and hard about how to fill in some of the obvious spare time which was now available to me. Being keen on sport, having played football at a reasonable level until I was 40, I wanted something that I both enjoyed and would help me keep fit. Family, friends and ex-colleagues said the obvious choice was to join a local golf club and take up playing golf again. 

I'd tried golf when I first stopped playing football and to be honest it frustrated the hell out of me and I also wasn't keen on the etiquette and somewhat snobbish attitude of some clubs. I'd tried walking and whilst I enjoyed this, it became a little boring. Having played the occasional game of tennis with both my son and son-in-law and quite a bit of badminton with work colleagues, my wife suggested joining Macclesfield Tennis Club.

For months I prevaricated about doing this because I had all the same issues about tennis clubs that I'd had about golf clubs and was worried about being accepted into a club environment. Eventually I plucked up courage in January of this year and strolled down to the club on one of the morning sessions to see what was involved. 

From the very moment I arrived at the club and started watching a couple of doubles games taking place, one of the games stopped and a couple of the players came over to me to enquire about my interest. I couldn't believe the friendliness of the people, one of whom was Bill B., and the enthusiasm of which they spoke about the club was incredible. 

Following that initial visit, I decided to pluck up courage and join for the remainder of the year up to the end of March and have never looked back since. I was quickly accepted into the club and the format used by the club in how games are played ensure you play against all different standards of play both male and female and help to integrate new members very easily and quickly. 

The facilities at the club and the playing surface of the courts ensure that my annual membership is the best value for money I now spend. Thank you all for the last 10 months as a member and long may it continue.